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PDF Editor's version history

New in version 5.5
  1. Security/Encrypt or decrypt all files of a folder...
  2. Pages/Pages/Merge two pages to one page...
  3. Pages/Pages/Merge two pages and scale down...
  4. Pages/Pages/Merge all pages to one page...
  5. button for scanning next to the print button in the tool bar
  6. You can create new actions for buttons and links: You can send the content of the form to an email address. You can reset and print the form. You can execute a JavaScript.
  7. You can change the action of existing links and buttons
  8. You can add additional actions for form fields and buttons. For example you can specify what should happen if you move the mouse cursor over the field.
  9. File/Special save functions/Save PDF file and let it look like a scanned document...
  10. You can scan multiple pages at once over the WIA interface and also a duplex scan is now supported. You can scan without showing the scanning dialog window. A scan button has been added to the tool bar next to the print button.
  11. Form fields: Actions/ Fill other form field with the same value as this one...
  12. Form fields: Actions / Fill form field with current date
  13. Better line recognition under Pictures/Recognize lines in a picture and save as DXF file ("Objects" version only)... (the new version Paper/Pictures to DXF 3.0 is now build in)
  14. Page/ Convert into a picture, recognize lines and export as DXF file ("Objects" version only)
  15. Pages/Delete/ Delete every x. page...
  16. Text/ Split all text objects vertically
  17. New button to select a landscape paper format under Pages/Properties/Change Size…
  18. Pages/Pages Add page numbers (headers/footers) on selected pages... ->Save and open settings in the file menu
  19. Annotations/ Count annotations...
  20. New command line parameter REMOVETEXT, can be used to remove all text objects: pdfedit.exe removetext "c:\test\test.pdf"
  21. View/ Fill graphic objects
  22. View/ Hold complete page as bitmap in memory
  23. View/ Show text objects
  24. View/ Show placeholder for pictures
New in version 5.0
  1. Text/Convert text to vector objects...
  2. Advanced/Convert all te&xt objects in vector objects...
  3. Search and Replace in form fields and comments...
  4. Search and Replace in form fields and comments over command line: pdfedit.exe "c:\test\test.pdf" replace "text1" with "text2" inFormFields
  5. Pages/Pages/Alternate mix pages with pages of another PDF file...
  6. Advanced/Make unvisible text visible...
  7. Graphics/Delete all Lines with selected line color...
  8. Graphics/Delete all filled vector objects with selected fill color...
  9. Selection/Select objects with actual line color...
  10. Selection/Select objects with actual fill color...
  11. Search with wildcard *
  12. Search in all files of a folder...
  13. Page/Show difference between text layer and graphic layer in a scanned file (OCR correction)...
  14. Page/Crop/Crop odd pages...
  15. Page/Crop/Crop even pages...
  16. Advanced/Count characters...
  17. Page/Fine rotation (draw line)
  18. Selection/Scale...
  19. Move line end point: if you hold the CTRL key, the point can only be moved up and down; if you hold the SHIFT key, the point can only be moved left and right
  20. Click on Line end point with right mouse button: new menu entry "Point position...", to enter the new coordinates of the end point as numbers
  21. If you click on a vector objects the line width of the objects will be carried over as the actual line width for new objects
  22. Show line width in mm as hint if the mouse cursor is about the edit field of the line width
  23. To prevent the program from asking if the pdf file should be shrinked when extracting a page you can now make a preselection in the options:
    Options/More options/Shrink the PDF file automatically when extracting pages
    Options/More options/Do not shrink the pdf file when extracting pages
  24. View/Low vector graphics quality (faster)
  25. View/Show image stripes thicker (not for GDI plus)
  26. Show/Show pictures can now be turned on and off with the shortcut CTRL-ALT-B
  27. Picture stamps: picture of existing stamps can be saved to hard disk
New in version 4.5:
  1. Options/Style of the user interface (21 different styles for the user interface)
  2. Page/Remove white margins...(removes the white margins automatically with one mouse click)
  3. Page/Crop all pages... (Select a crop area. Then the program applies this crop area to all pages).
  4. Pages/Pages/Split into separate files by bookmark level...
  5. PDF Watermarks is now included under Advanced/Batch conversation/Add text and pictures to multiple PDF files... (You can add text and a picture to multiple PDF files.)
  6. Text/Merge text objects next to each other... Often times the text objects are split into many single objects, even within a word or within a sentence new text objects can start. You can fix this issue now with one mouse click (the font, size and position of the text objects must match perfectly).
  7. Advanced/JavaScript... You can edit or delete document JavaScript here or you can add new JavaScript. This JavaScript will be executed when you open the PDF file.
  8. Command line parameter JavaScript: With the command line: pdfeditor.exe JavaScript "c:\test\test.pdf" "c:\test\test.js" the JavaScript file test.js can be added to the PDF file test.pdf.
  9. A message can be displayed when opening the PDF file (Advanced/JavaScript...). You can add a predefined JavaScript program without programming knowledge to display a message when opening the PDF file.
  10. An expiration date for the PDF file can be set (Advanced/JavaScript...). You can add a predefined JavaScript program without programming knowledge to set an expiration date for the PDF file.
  11. Forms/Options/Setup grid width for form fields...
  12. Selection/Font/Change the font size (the font size of all selected objects can be changed at once).
  13. Advanced/Add picture to the background... A picture can be placed on all pages or a page rage into the background or with transparency into the foreground.
  14. Advanced/Embedded files... You can save files which are attached to the PDF file on hard disk, you can delete attachments or you can add new attachments to the PDF file.
  15. Advanced/Center content of all pages... Move the content of the pages so that there is an equal amount of space at the left side and at the right side of the page.
  16. Advanced/Set compression method for pictures... You get an overview how much space the pictures occupy. You can set the compression method or individual pictures to JPEG, JPEG200 or JBIG2.
  17. Search/replace: You can use the "?" character as wildcard for a single character of any kind.
  18. Save as PNG file. The program can now also save pictures as PNG file.
  19. Scanned Text Editor: You can now also rotate the page here. Often times there was the problem that the pictures has been scanned with a rotation and was only displayed upright through the logical page rotation.
  20. Text/Add text: A right to left writing mode can be activated for Arabic and Hebrew text.
  21. Edit/Copy the text to the clipboard (Copy the text of selected objects directly into another application like word).
  22. Insert page numbers: A new place holder for the page count is available. Not only for the current page (to add something like page 1 of 10 for example). In previous versions you could add the "1", but not the "10".
  23. Create bookmarks without a destination (you may not want a link for the chapters at a higher level for example).
  24. Advanced/Change font of all text objects... You can now also change the font size of all text objects.
  25. Picture stamps can now be added to all pages at once.
  26. Form fields: You can now select the font color, background color, border color and border width for the form fields.
  27. The program applies the actual page to the tab sheets "Pages" and "Bookmarks", when you change from the tab sheet "Edit" to one of the other tab sheets.
  28. To delete a page is now also possible in the context menu which pops up if you do a right mouse click on an empty place on the page or next to the page.
  29. File/Export/Export as text file with invisible text objects... You can export the text which is created from an OCR program which places the recognized text as invisible text object behind the scanned image.
  30. File/Import text file... Import an existing text file. If no PDF file is opened a new PDF file will be created.
  31. Edit/Paste text from the clipboard and select position... You can paste a text which has been copied in another program like Word into the PDF file.
  32. If you hold the CTRL key down and zoom with the mouse wheel the tip of the mouse pointer now defines the center of the zoomed area.
  33. Show/Show vertex points for vector objects. You can deactivate the display of the vertex points. If there are many vertex points in the PDF file the display will be much clearer this way.
New in version 4.0:
  1. Pictures/Add picture on every 2./3. etc. page
  2. Advanced/ Search and replace a picture within all files in a given folder...
  3. File/Special save as functions/ Save PDF file and convert content into inverted images... (For visually handicapped people)
  4. Pages/Delete/ Delete all empty pages (also in scanned documents)...
  5. Embed or delete all fonts (File/Special save as functions)
  6. Save pictures in CMYK colors (File/Special save as functions)
  7. SVG export for vector graphics and simple text objects (only in the "Objects" version)
  8. Create automatic backup copies in the subfolder __history when saveing
  9. Advanced/Layers (show or hide layers)
  10. Change the font of form fields
  11. New option: Stamps/Add stamp on all pages
  12. New option in tabsheet security: Automatically decrypt PDF file after opening
  13. Popup menu for right mouse click under "Bookmarks"
  14. Popup menu for right mouse click under "Pages"
  15. All export functions are now located under File/Export
  16. Preview pictures under "Pages" now show the complete page
  17. View/ No icons in main menu and for tab sheets
  18. The menu "Page" is now more neatly arranged
  19. New option: Use grid for form field positioning
  20. Add Text: Text can now also have a border, not only a filling
  21. Select the next form field with the tab key
  22. View/ Show screen magnifier
  23. Form fields/ Export form fields as CSV file..
  24. Picture/ Crop picture...
  25. Options/ Reset configuration
  26. Page/Crop: selection now with 2 mouse clicks (less accidental operation)
  27. Edit/ Copy the page as picture to the clipboard
  28. Edit/ Copy a part of the page as picture...
  29. Text/ Add text to all pages...
  30. DXF export: new option: do not export filled objects without border
  31. Advanced/ Add pdf file to the background as letter paper...
  32. Edit/ Paste in background
  33. Add or insert a number of new and empty pages
  34. Page/Change size..
  35. Form fields/Create button
  36. File/Special save as functions/ Convert into images and save as PDF/A-1b compatible file ("Objects" version only!)...
  37. File/Special save as functions / Save as PDF/A-1b (can not check if file is 100% compilant) ("Objects" version only!)...
New in version 3.3:
  1. Remove fonts
  2. Move objects direcly between pages
  3. Edit/Cut
  4. Advanced/Remove all shading object
  5. Search and Replace in all files of a folder
  6. Graphics/Delete area on all pages
  7. Advanced/Add additional crop margin
  8. Advanced/Save pdf file and convert content into an image
  9. Shrink pdf: set a maximum picture width and set a percent value how to far to shrink images
  10. Drag and drop pictures and picture files into the program
  11. New view option: Small icons
  12. New option: Advanced/Remove logical page rotation
  13. New dialog window for text stamps (no longer together with graphic stamps)
  14. New option: Only hold objects of one page in memory
  15. Annotations/Free text: white can be selected as background color without transparency
  16. Paste objects and select position
  17. Drag and drop in tab sheet pages (you can reorder the pages with the mouse)
  18. Mini preview pictures in the pages tab sheet
  19. New tool: Color Picker
  20. Color/Convert into black/white (converts the complete file)
  21. Drag and drop pdf files into the editor window (tab sheet "Editor") to merge pdf files
  22. Favorite folders in "Add pages/pdf files" dialog
  23. Center page content in scanned pdf files
  24. File/Reopen - a list with recently opened files
  25. Advanced/Remove unused ressources and objects
  26. Paste picture from clipboad/other program
  27. Advanced/Insert web site (adds a picture of a web site)
  28. Form fields/Invert selection
  29. Search and replace withing multiple/splitted text objects (can combine splitted text objects)
  30. New tool: double line

New in Version 3.2:

  1. You can display rulers with View/Rulers
  2. Use the mouse wheel and CTRL to zoom the document and mouse wheel and SHIFT to scroll in horizontal direction
  3. Use View/Error messages to show errors in the syntax of the page source code (use Edit/Change content to edit the source code)
  4. Dotted and dashed lines can be displayed and can be used to draw
  5. Add new text: align text and specify line space
  6. Choose page size for new and empty pages
  7. Predefined paper formats in the page size dialog
  8. Change page size and content size proportional
  9. Draw and label with the dimension tool not only measure
  10. Move pages to the beginning or end of the list of pages
  11. DXF Export (only objects version)
  12. Convert pictures into DXF (only objects version)

New in version 3.1:

  1. Edit text directly in the document (without dialog window). Double click on a text object to start editing.
  2. You can write characters in any language (unicode support)
  3. Just add a new font which contains your characters and start writing
  4. Export of unicode characters to Word and as text file
  5. New tool to take measurements in the menu Graphics
  6. Adding Print marks
  7. Edit the crop box as numeric values (margin left/top/bottom/right)
  8. New function: File/Import pictures...
  9. Fill form field with the data from a CSV file
  10. New option to add a picture to all pages at once (in the add picture dialog window)
  11. Create flip pages for the internet
  12. Export to Excel as CSV file
  13. Pro version: option to predefine the size of new form fields
  14. End of December 2010:
  15. The direct text editing function now works with rotated pages and with rotated text (only 90°,180° and 270°)
  16. The speed of the text editing is now independent from the page zoom and page size
  17. January 2011:
  18. New button "Opacity": here you can specify the transparency of text, pictures and graphic objects.
  19. February 2011:
  20. A transparent color for picture stamps can be defined
  21. April 2011
  22. New tool Graphics/Draw dimensions. Hold CTRL or ALT down to align the dimension horizontal or vertical.
  23. DXF Export function for the "Objects" version in the menu advanced
  24. Recognize lines in pictures and export as dxf file (only "Objects" version)

New in version 3.0:

  1. Better object selection
  2. New tools like: rectangular free highlight, marker or revision cloud
  3. You can edit the knots of the vector objects
  4. The GUI is now unicode enabled (new minimum OS is Windows XP)
  5. better look because of the use of GDI Plus (antialiasing, smoother lines)
  6. Align of selected object
  7. Rotate, skew and scale selected objects with the mouse
  8. Text and date stamps
  9. New icons for the user interface
  10. PDF redaction - remove content completely

New in version 2.6:

  1. New form elements (pro version): Listbox, Drop-Down box, Radiobutton
  2. New annotation fields: rectangle, ellipse, line, pencil
  3. Rotate form fields
  4. Setup the view of the file when opening the pdf file (for example show/hide bookmarks)
  5. Page setup function for a scaled printout
  6. A double click on a page under "Pages" opens the page in the Editor

New in version 2.5:

  1. New function: File/Reduce file size
  2. Stamp functions
  3. Page numbers and headers/footers function
  4. Search and replace for the document text and search only function
  5. Multiple form fields can be selected
    New functions for form fields
    -align fields
    -make the height of the fields the same
    -make the space between the fields the same
    -duplicate form fields
  6. Better file repair function for corrupted pdf files
  7. Faster drawing of vector objects 30% faster:
  8. Free highlighting function without the need for text objects (scanned file)
  9. Split text objects into parts (split table rows into columns)
  10. and much more...

New in version 2.4:

  1. big files will be loaded faster
  2. better selection of vector objects with the pointer
  3. page tools like "Crop" or "Scan new page"
  4. new vector tool "brush"
  5. export as text file
  6. preview of the texts in the document for the function "Add text"
  7. support of all unicode characters with the function "Add text as vector object"
  8. the bookmarks are no longer lost when you combine multiple documents
  9. and much more...

New in version 2.3: edit pictures with the integrated picture editor. Add links to websites or PDF pages. Fill in form fields or even create form fields with the "Pro" version.

New in version 2.2: the undo function and you can rotate the pages now. Version 2.26: Now also with a print function.

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