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Find more than 200 programs developed by us.

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This page in German. Diese Seite auf Deutsch.

Internet Data Extractor 1.0 (~420 Kb) $99

The program downloads a website and parses the html code and puts the result into a table. This table can be saved as CSV file (can be opened in Excel for example).

You can create a pascal script which can download websites, parses the table entries (read and write from the table) and for example following the links to collect detail information. The pascal script can save the result as CSV file. It is no problem to extract the needed information. Lets say you want to download all information available for a list of stocks and do some calculation and output the result as Excel table. Or you want to extract all addresses from a list of addresses on a website and put them into a data base. Once the script is created and runs well you can call the program with the script file name as parameter and the program will extract all information in the background.

This program can save you a lot of money, as it can automate tasks and save many man working hours!

We can write a special script for your needs if you do not want todo it on your own. Please contact and describe your needs and you will get an offer what it would cost to write the script file for your needs.

Supported functions for the scripts

The script uses the Pascal/Delphi syntax so for the basic syntax you can read a Pascal documentation.

For example on wWikipedia: Pascal as programming language.

All types are variant types.

An example script is:

var i,e;
  for i:=1 to 100 do begin

A real world example is available in the file comdirect.pas. This file will download all detail information of all 30 German DAX stocks and saves each one in a separate csv file on hard disk. The information is readed from the German website

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