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Find more than 200 programs developed by us.

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Photogrammetric image rectification 1.0 - for a level view

(~1087 Kb) $39

Rectify photos with the help of photogrammetry. So you get a completely level view of one side of a building for example.

So you can take the result for measurements of this building. You can export the result as picture or as DXF file.

If you take a photo of a rectangle what you get is a trapezoid. The program will rectify the trapezoid so that it will be a rectangle again and the scale of the original object will be restored. This means equal lengths in reality will become equal lengths on the rectified photo.

You only need to specify 4 points in the photo which form a rectangle in reality. You can let the program render an even wider area as spanned through this 4 points.

It is also possible to erase areas in the rectified image. Simply draw over them in the program.

The program can recognize lines in the rectified image and save the lines as DXF file. So you are able to work further with the rectified drawing in you CAD application.

New: compare two pictures

Now you can load two pictures and specify a transparency to blend both pictures together. So you can compare the pictures.

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The software Geometric image warping could also be interesting for you.

If you only need to convert scanned files into CAD drawings you and do not need to rectification at all you can use Paper/Picture 2 DXF.

This program is also available in German language.

Why is the output image is fliped vertically?

Please add the points clockwise. This happens if you add the points counter clockwise.

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