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PDF Letterhead 1.0

(~1576 Kb) $29

Add your letter paper behind existing or new created pdf documents.

Choose the letter paper pdf files as well as one or many source pdf files. The program copies the content of the letter paper pdf files into the background of the selected source pdf files.

You can add you logo or your complete letter head to your pdf files.

You can also call the program from command line:

pdfletter.exe "letterpaper.pdf" "file1.pdf" "file2.pdf"
You can also set the last parameter to
to activate the option to repeat the last page.
pdfletter.exe "letterpaper.pdf" "file1.pdf" "file2.pdf" repeatlast
You can also set the last parameter to
to activate the option to save the output files under the same name as the input files instead of saveing them in the output folder.
pdfletter.exe "letterpaper.pdf" "file1.pdf" "file2.pdf" saveoldname

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This is a sample batch file which shows to use of the command line call:
@echo off

if [%1]==[] goto params
if [%2]==[] goto params
set preprint=%~1
set source=C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\
set letter=C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\Letterhead\
if not exist "%source%%~2*.pdf" goto no_file
if not exist "%letter%%preprint%_pre-print.pdf" goto params

echo    Adding Pre-printed stationary to PDFs
echo    using "%preprint%_pre-print.pdf"
for %%f in ("%source%%~2*.pdf") do call :letter "%%f"

goto :eof


set file=%~n1
echo %file%

"C:\Program Files\PDF Letterhead 1\PDFLetter.exe" "%letter%%preprint%_pre-print.pdf" %1

if exist "%source%letterhead\%file%.pdf" goto OK
echo can't find output

goto :eof

echo NO files found matching "%source%%~2*.pdf"


echo Syntax :- %~n0 Pre-Print_Code File_Pattern
echo     e.g.  %~n0 INV 14

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