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Find more than 200 programs developed by us.

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CNC Backplot Editor - develop, debug and learn NC code

(~934 Kb) $79

Let this program draw the tool path of any G-Code program on the screen. This program will help you write NC code programs or to learn how to write NC programs or event to debug such programs. Our software supports the standard G Code commands and also sub program calls and macro programming with IF statements and WHILE loops etc. The program draws a graphical representation of the programmed G-Code tool path in an isometric 3D view.

You can configure the program to interpret the G-Code as Mill or Lathe (Format A or B codes).

Your G-Code program will be shown with syntax highlighting in the editor. With the code editor you can open, edit and save G-Code programs up to a size of 2 GB very fast. The reason is, that we have build in our "Text Editor Lighting fast" technologie into this program. The editor supports an unlimited number of undo and redo steps. All inputs can be converted into capital letters automatically. You can also convert all characters of existing files into capital letters.

Import DXF files and convert DXF files into G-code  Or export the tool path of your NC program as DXF file.

You can use this program to find errors in the G-Code. If you click on a line in the 3D view, the line of G-Code will be selected in the editor. And if you go to a line in the editor the end point of the tool movement with be selected in the 3D view. You can run the program line by line, you can press the pause button and you can let the program run slower. You can let run the program up to or from the selected line in the editor you use can only run one line or a number of selected lines. You can see the current values of all variables if you activate the special tool window with Calculate/Show variables. If you are in the pause modus you can calculate any expression (like [SIN(#100)*#101]  for example) for the variable values of the actual line of code with the function Calculate/Render expression.

With the DNC function you can transfer your programs to your CNC machine. The program let you format the source code in the following ways: Remove comments, space characters, space lines and block numbers. You can insert spaces or renumber the blocks. If you renumber the block numbers our software will update the GOTO blocks for you automatically.

The program can now also show ESSI code.

Disclaimer: We have developed this software with the greatest possible care, but we can not guarenntee, that the program is completly free of any bugs. Different CNC machines may interpret the same G-Code in a different way. The drawing of the tool path in our software therefore is no guarentee, that your CNC machine will interpret the G-Code in the same way as our software. We are not responsible for damages on your CNC machine.

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