PDF Editor

No, you can not only view and print PDF files with CAD-KAS PDF-Editor but you can also modify the content of the PDF file. You don not have to convert it back to Word and then create a new PDF file. No, PDF Editor offers real PDF editing to you! That means that you are able to change the text, pictures and graphics of PDF files. You can not only change them but also add new text and pictures. Or you can remove the old content if you want. You do not lose any quality because you modify the content directly in PDF file format.

Other features are the page tools which allow you the extract pages, add new pages or delete pages. You can also change the order, the size and the rotation of the existing pages.

Additionally you are able to encrypt and decyrypt PDF files and protect them. Also you can edit the meta information. That is the information about the file that is stored inside the pdf file.

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